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A non-invasive, alternative face lift that requires no downtime has been developed! Ideal for patients who do not want to have a surgical lift, this protocol – which involves injecting hyaluronic acid with a cannula through a single entry point per half of the face – allows us to treat facial sagging by restoring the loss of bone and fat volume connected with age.

Developed by Dr Sandrine Sebban, the STOP Facial Ageing Method™ describes a precise method that addresses the facial volumes and how the various treatment areas interact. This innovation, which was initially presented as a treatment for women, is now available for men.

Combining two complementary techniques in one protocol – the Deep One Point (DOP) and the Superficial One Point (SOP) – the STOP Facial Ageing Method™ allows us to make the face look more masculine or younger, depending on the patient, by restoring the facial volumes for very natural-looking results.

The DOP goes deep to give the face’s bone architecture more depth by accentuating the projection of the zygomatic bone, the angle of the jaw and the squareness of the chin.

The SOP – which acts upon the subcutaneous layers and superficial hypodermis – allows us to create or restore fatty volumes in the face while providing the tissues with optimum hydration.

Stop facial ageing method

Scaffolding: the secret of the STOP Facial Ageing Method™!

The essential creation of “scaffolding” allows the practitioner to understanding lifting through volume-enhancement and thus identify the areas that need injecting according to a pre-established framework.

This scaffolding divides each half of the face into 12 parts, corresponding to the face’s fat compartments in anatomy.

Three points of reference are set out:

  • The safety line (Oblique Line) to avoid bruising and other vascular issues
  • The “Triangle of Virility” for a harmonious and artistic result according to the criteria for masculinisation
  • The medio-jugal line to precisely locate the single entry point

Thanks to this innovative guide, any doctor can easily and safely restore the facial volumes.

Pioneering methods: comfort and effectiveness

The STOP Facial Ageing Method™ uses the SoftFil® Easy- Guide patented guide needle which, in just one movement, creates a pre-hole (insertion point) and inserts a cannula. Thanks to the special V-shaped cut of the needle, the cannula is perfectly positioned then guided towards the desired injection direction and depth so that it glides gently into the tissues.

The session

Performed in a doctor’s surgery, a medical lift with injections involves three successive stages, which correspond to the 3 treatment planes.

1. DOP injections for the deep layers

The areas of the face concerned are the middle and lower thirds.

Using a cannula, we inject cohesive and volumising hyaluronic acid, which is great for projecting the tissues, into the deep layers.

We create a “Triangle of Virility” in the middle third of the face, with injections underneath the eye then we treat dark shadows, if necessary. We then treat the lower third of the face, namely the horizontal branch of the jaw. These two procedures allow us to make the face look more masculine with a more marked facial architecture, a more prominent jaw and cheekbones, and a stronger chin.

These injections are rounded off with 4 boluses that are vital to facial rejuvenation (B1, B2, B3, B4).

2. SOP injections for the hypodermis

We insert the cannula into the superficial fat to perform nappage in a fan shape into the middle and lower thirds of the face, while avoiding the area around the eye and the jowls. This allows us to restore volumes, smooth the superficial wrinkles and improve the skin’s surface, which also has a remarkable firming effect.

Injections SOP

3. SOP injections for the superficial subcutaneous layer

With a cannula and non- or very low cross-linked hyaluronic acid, we perform nappage in a fan shape into the middle and lower thirds of the face. We avoid the under-eye area and focus, if necessary, on the areas around the mouth and the expression lines. This hydrates the skin and gives it a boost of radiance, filling wrinkles and fine lines.

The results of the two combined techniques make the face look more masculine and give an overall boost of rejuvenation.

The advantages of the STOP Facial Ageing Method™

  • The procedure is standardised and easy to reproduce
  • There is no risk of error or overcorrection
  • The treatment is fast
  • The procedure is not very painful and there are a virtually no side-effects, which means it is compatible with a busy lifestyle
  • The benefits are instant and last 15 to 18 months, depending on the hyaluronic acid injected


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Dr Sandrine SebbanDoctor Sandrine Sebban

Sandrine Sebban, Doctor of Medicine specialising in Aesthetic Medicine. 20 years’ experience in all medical aesthetic techniques. Inventor of the “SoftFilling Technique” in 2009. Inventor of the “One Point Technique” in 2011. Inventor of the SoftFil® EasyGuide guide needle.

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