By Doctor Catherine de Goursac

Instead of having a face lift, which is not without drawbacks for men, they might want to opt for barbed threads to gently and subtly rejuvenate their face.


Surprisingly, a lift is not the ideal solution to erase the signs of aging from a man’s face. Their skin is too thick and they usually have short hair, making it difficult to hide the scars. Furthermore, to reposition their features, the surgeon pulls the bit of hairless skin located just in front of the ear to such a point that it disappears. This means that their beard will grow right up to their ear, making shaving rather difficult. Luckily, there is an alternative solution available.

Barbed tensor threads, an effective technique

Barbed tensor threads are unparalleled when it comes to lifting sagging tissue. They pull the tissues upwards, hang them and fi x them with their barbs. These barbed threads make it easy to lift the cheeks, erase jowls and reduce a double chin without the need for surgery. Look at yourself in the mirror and, using your hands, lift your features to make your face look younger. These threads give the same effect as a lift but without surgery or a deep anaesthetic. Their components are perfectly tolerated by the human body and some, like polylactic acid, even have tissue inducing powers which help with skin densification. A few weeks after the threads have been fitted, the skin looks regenerated. This effect lasts at least six months after the threads have been completely reabsorbed, making a total of 18 months, on average.


A straightforward procedure, without any scarring or shaving problems

If you decide to go for a thread rejuvenation, you can avoid having complicated surgery. The practitioner applies not only an anaesthetic cream but also an injected anaesthetic. They mark out the area to be treated and disinfect it before introducing the thread using a very narrow cannula. They then make small pulling movements in order to gather together and lift the deep layers of the dermis. From the end of the session, your facial volumes will be back where they should be and the lifting effect will already be visible. There are no pleats in the skin, which is why this procedure is called a “lunchtime treatment”. A month later, the skin is firmer and denser, and this effect increases over the next year or two years.

 Look younger with barbed threads

Another advantage with barbed threads is that you do not have to worry about scars. The two ends of the thread are buried in the dermis and leave no trace, except the rare risk of mild bruising and a risk of swelling in the hours and days that follow the procedure. And these side-effects are so mild that they require no downtime at all. Equally, there are no shaving problems because the hairless bit of skin in front of the ears is left intact.

Ideal for giving your face a boost of virility

Often, when men age, their facial volumes start to sag and their features become heavy and fill out. We might say that they become more feminine. Barbed threads can help with this. By lifting sagging tissues, they make the features look stronger, make the angle of the jaw look cleaner, and therefore make a man look more virile.

The new cone-shaped tensor threads, into which hyaluronic acid can be injected, can enhance the face’s structure and masculinity, à la Brad Pitt.

Catherine de GoursacDoctor Catherine de Goursac

Cosmetic and anti-aging doctor. Author of more than 30 publications, Member of the board of directors of the AFME and the FSMEA.

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