In the heart of Paris, at 128 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in the 8th arrondissement, the Sothys Institute is the brand’s flagship salon. Though it has always welcomed a primarily feminine clientele, men can now come and choose from an ever-growing list of men-only treatments and can even purchase some products to take home. Sothys bring volcanic rock into the spotlight, thanks to its magnesium content that boosts and detoxifies the skin. The in-salon treatments are based on a pragmatic approach with three essential steps: cleanse, maintain, perfect. 

Sothys Institute

In-salon treatments

Choose from the list of essential facials and customised body massages, selecting either a nourishing oil, a melting wax or a soft cream. You can also shape your body with the institute’s signature treatments: the signature slimming treatment for men. We tested the latter, which focuses on the belly and love handles. It lasts an hour and a quarter and the therapist concentrates on the waistline, applying a heated exfoliating wrap that contains zeolite particles. A concentrated serum containing an intelligent ultrasound-like cosmetic complex is then applied on the areas concerned. The treatment is rounded off with a slimming massage to detach the fat. We guarantee that you will see results soon after treatment!

Products available to purchase

Before you leave the salon, we recommend purchasing some men’s products. We went for the Age-defying hydrating fluid with its light and easily-absorbed texture and the Energising face cleanser that will soon become your bathroom staple. The understated packaging is a bonus.

Sothys have studied men’s behaviour and split them into three categories according to how they use their products: experienced, amateur, beginner. Which category do you belong to? The new brand ambassador, international rugby player and two-time world champion Vincent Clerc, has already decided: he is sporty, full of fight and natural charm. Just like us…

P.S. Before a date, spray on some Eau de Toilette, with its fresh and woody tones, to enhance your masculine elegance.

Institut Sothys

128 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris, France

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