By Doctor Stephane Auroy


Medical penoplasty using hyaluronic acid is one of the principal medical aesthetic demands made by men. We know that, for men, the penis is a symbol of omnipotence, virility, strength and fertility.


How can increasing the size of their penis make a man more sexually confident? Does it free them from any justified or unjustified hang-ups? Does it boost their self-confidence? Enhance their sexual performance? This medical procedure can be requested at any age, from young adults to men in their sixties, who often require treatment for the andropause at the same time (fewer spontaneous morning erections, weaker erections, fewer erotic thoughts).

We can identify three different profiles of men

  • Men with a complex: There is no specific age for this, but it often concerns younger men (age 20-30) who might have a complex because they believe their penis is not a normal size, possibly as a result of unkind remarks or comparisons with their peers. A penoplasty can trigger a real shift in these men, freeing them from their psychological hang ups.
  • Sexual consumers (all ages): These are men who want to boost their sexuality. They have no particular issues; they simply want a bigger penis because they love sex. Their desire for a larger penis is similar to a woman’s desire for breast implants. They want to boost their sexuality by making themselves look like they perform better: either they are not looking for a stable relationship at the moment or they are already in a relationship and want to spice up their sex life with their partner.

  • Men who are back in the dating game (often age 50-60): After a divorce, these men want to start a new chapter, a new beginning. They want to enjoy a fulfilling sex life and to treat their andropause at the same time. They want a helping hand to boost their sex drive.


Put these three profiles together, at any age: the famous locker-room complex!

This concerns any man aged 20 to 60 who hates taking their clothes off in front of their friends because they cannot cope with people looking at their penis. This is particularly prevalent in men who do sport. These are the types of men who enquire about penis augmentations:

  • Sporty men who want a larger penis and are happy to admit it
  • Young adults with a huge complex who are convinced that nature has short-changed them in the penis department
  • Sexual consumers who seek more pleasure
  • Older men who are getting back into the “dating game”

All of these requests seem trivial at first, but if we pay them a bit more attention we see that this procedure can be crucial in enabling men to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Today, a medical penoplasty using hyaluronic acid is the ideal solution for men who want to increase the size of their penis under local anaesthetic and in outpatient surgery. The procedure is pain-free, reproducible and reversible. Suitable for all men (once the major contraindications have been ruled out), it is a means of immediately increasing the penis’ circumference without surgery (by 1 to 5cm) and it can also increase its length, though less significantly (1 to 2cm outward projection at rest, due to gravity). It responds to a primary expectation from men: making the penis look larger at rest and thicker when erect, and increasing feeling during sex.

In this respect, the studies are unanimous: the sensations during intercourse depend, above all, on the girth of the penis rather than its length.

Pain-free, thanks to two local anaesthetic injections into the head and shaft of the penis, the procedure takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

Nevertheless, it requires an excellent technique and a certain eye for aesthetics, given the nature of the organ (since the penis is in constant movement) and we must stay within sensible proportions (head/penis, patient’s corpulence) rather than simply satisfying inappropriate fantasies.

The penis is injected using cannulas, whose length depends on the base of the penis to be injected. The entry point for the cannula should be placed carefully in order to minimise a secondary, preputial distribution of the product. The cleavage plane, which allows for the uniform distribution of the product, is located above the albuginea and the corpora cavernosa. At this stage, it is useful to distinguish between uncircumcised patients (mark out the top of the foreskin to minimise the product’s descent) and circumcised patients who have a high or low circumcision scar, and to assess the quality of their skin.

The quantity of product to be injected should be decided with the patient, according to their wishes and the model established during the pre-treatment appointment, which is essential for this procedure.

Injecting the head of the penis will increase its diameter, smooth it out, reshape its corona and also help (in part) with premature ejaculation, which affects a third of all men (it only helps with overexcitability, not the other causes). Choosing the right hyaluronic acid is vital. There are currently no official products to use, but the one that best fulfils the specifications required by this procedure (lumpfree distribution, consistent but not too hard, homogenous resorbability, little or no migration) is one from VIVACY® laboratories.

VIVACY® have already obtained the CE mark for Désirial (hyaluronic acid for intimate use in women) and is in the process of obtaining the CE mark for a specific penoplasty product. The complications of medical penoplasty are rare if the injection protocol is properly respected and the post-procedure advice is followed to the letter, but they do exist: poor product distribution, poor technique, use of a product that is not suitable for this site, testicular migration due to excess detachment on the cleavage plane, preputial oedema, temporary oversensitivity. Erectile function is never affected.

I strongly recommend having two sessions of injections in the first year to achieve good and, above all, long-lasting results; then a smaller quantity can be injected every 12 to 24 months depending on the patient’s wishes to maintain the acquired results.

A man who has had 2 sessions of penoplasty will never go back to his original size.

Doctor Stephane Auroy

Specialist in dermatology and venereology. Master of Advanced Studies in skin biology and pharmacology. Former consultant for the Paris Hospitals, specialising in aesthetic dermatology for the last 20 years. Tutor at the Paris V faculty, teaching the university diploma in “Evaluation and control of injection and volume-enhancing techniques”. Speaker at aesthetics conferences. Runs training courses in injection techniques and investigates clinical study protocols.


Instagram: @docteur_stephane_auroy

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