By Doctor Gilles Korb

More and more men are having cosmetic surgery. Their motivation is to look younger and more seductive in order to attract the opposite sex and increase their chances of professional success.


Men want to feel better in their own skin, more powerful. They want their face to look rested and natural. They are quite happy to retain a few wrinkles: ones that make them look distinguished.

Male faces generally have a prominent eyebrow arch, horizontal eyebrows, fl at cheekbones, and a wide chin and jaw. Their skin wrinkles slower than a woman’s because it is thicker, oilier, more vascularised and better hydrated. Men seek procedures that off er rapid results and require a minimum time off work. They often combine these procedures with a lifestyle overhaul: diet, exercise, giving up smoking, using sun protection.

Functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery requests in men is rhinoplasty, which offers two options:

  • Purely aesthetic, to remove a bump, straighten a crooked nose, correct a long or broad tip, or reduce large nostrils
  • Functional, to correct a deformation caused by an accident, high-risk sport, etc.

Most of the time, men want a natural-looking correction to achieve a straighter nose, without lifting the tip excessively and without making it look too feminine.

Aesthetic surgery for a male face

Treating under-eye bags is also a frequent demand after the age of forty. Often running in families, they make a person look sad and tired, as though they are insomniac. Lower eyelid blepharoplasty gets rid of fatty hernias and lifts distended skin. The procedure can be carried out in outpatient surgery, under local or general anaesthetic. To open up the expression, we can also correct crumpled upper eyelids. Lifting the oval of the face and the neck: this reshapes the contour of the face, which can make a man look soft and less determined if they have jowls. A face lift can also smooth out a distended neck with vertical folds.

Neck liposuction can be performed on its own or along with a lift. It treats localised or widespread excess fat. We suck the excess fat out using cannulas, which are inserted under the skin through small incisions. We can also treat the whole neck or a double chin in the same way. The fatty tissue removed does not come back. Liposuction is carried out under local or general anaesthetic.

Chin surgery corrects a chin that is positioned either too far forward or too far back. It is sometimes carried out at the same time as rhinoplasty, in a facial profiloplasty.

Depending on the case, we either bring forward or push back the bony edge of the chin, grind it down or insert a coral or artificial bone prosthetic. The incisions are hidden underneath the chin or inside the mouth.

Sticking-out ears are a common complaint, and they generally stick out to a moderate degree. This procedure is performed in outpatient surgery under local anaesthetic. The scars located behind the ears are invisible.

Dr Gilles KorbDoctor Gilles Korb

Aesthetic surgeon of the face and neck in Nantes.

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