By the Doctor Mickaël Poiraud

Not all male patients have the same tastes, the same requirements, the same wishes or display the same behaviour. However, a certain number of patient profiles stand out in this heterogenous population. The aim here is not to segregate them according to sociodemographic, psychological or behavioural criteria, as we do in marketing, but rather to identify the types of men who might want to have aesthetic medicine treatments carried out. I will describe four different profiles that I have come across while specialising in treatments for men.

First type

The first type of man is the “Male Model”. He is young, handsome, a cover model for Vogue, and wants to increase his power of seduction by enhancing his masculinity and erasing any tiny imperfections, if indeed he has any. We focus on harmonising his facial volumes: plumping up a slightly weak chin with hyaluronic acid to make it stronger and more prominent; creating more definition in the jawline by emphasising its angles; and highlighting the cheekbones by making them project more (hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite). These newly-created areas of shadow and light can only be appreciated fully if we target the skin quality at the same time, improving the complexion with an association of super facial peels, HA/poly-vitamin mesolifts and LEDs. Personalised medi-cosmetic advice can help optimise these aesthetic treatments. Say hello to hydrated, plumped, even and radiant skin which catches the light – and photographer’s ash – more naturally than ever!

Profile of men in aesthetic medicine

Second type

The second type is the “Career Man”, a more mature man who belongs in a higher socio-professional bracket. He has an important job that involves great responsibility. Subjected to a fast-paced and stressful way of life, he is at the pinnacle of his career and hopes to stay at the top for as long as possible. He wants to remain young, full of energy and self-assured. We suggest toning down the first signs of aging by reducing the number of wrinkles or erasing them with botulinum toxin. We must be careful not to iron out the face completely, because wrinkles can not only be sexy, they can also be seen as a sign of experience and confidence. We might reshape the jawline and restore any lost volumes using suitable hyaluronic acids. We may also rejuvenate the expression with a Plexr eyelid lift or eyelid surgery, and focus on the under-eye area (hyaluronic acid, peels, lasers). We might even consider “mild surgery”, carried out as an outpatient and under local anaesthetic: mini abdominal liposuction, gynecomastia or mini facelift. Let us not forget that this type of man wants results, but with minimal or even no downtime because he cannot a ord to be away from work. Finally, we would tackle any hair loss, which is a major concern for men. This sign of aging can be fought by associating several techniques such as poly-vitamin mesotherapy, LEDs (in-surgery or in the shape of LED headsets that you can use at home), and platelet-rich plasma. Not forgetting the possibility of using Minoxidil, Trioxidil or Finasteride treatments in some cases. And, of course, hair transplants.

Third type

The third type of man is the “Athletic Man”. This is a man in his forties who was a great hit at university but is now seeing the first signs of aging creep into his face and body and wants to stay in shape. He finds himself gradually putting on weight, despite taking regular exercise, he is developing a belly and has well-established love-handles. Localised cryolipolysis or mini-liposuction should do the trick. He may have noticed a loss of volume in his face, which can be resolved with filler injections (hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite). Pigmentary disorders caused by sun exposure can be dealt with using laser treatments (Nd Yag, Q-Switched) or depigmenting peels combined with suitable cosmetics, and vascular lesions can be treated with Nd Yag lasers, pulsed coloured lasers or KTP.

Fourth type

Finally, the fourth type of man is the “Lumbersexual”, a young, urban-dwelling bachelor with a high income. His main attraction is his chiselled body. Proudly sporting a solid beard, he wears lumberjack shirts and carries a khaki rucksack. He looks after himself with the self-assuredness of a man born into an era when narcissism, even vanity, is the accepted thing. He is a natural-looking metrosexual who is not afraid to try new things. He is influenced by sport, advertising and sel es, and is not afraid to show o his body.

Is he the transposition of a Greek god into the era of reality TV or a new version of the modern man?
A promising consumer, we would suggest a comprehensive and personalized prevention plan, associating the various techniques and technologies available, to accompany him throughout his lifetime; I’m talking about “better aging”, a vision and philosophy that are essential in my eyes. We would start by providing nutritional and micro-nutritional advice along with in-depth biological assessments, introducing nutritional supplements if required, and focusing on a diet and an exercise plan adapted to each patient. We might introduce the idea of hepatic detoxification, rebalancing the intestinal microbiota, the acid-base balance, oxidative stress. We might suggest gentle, non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatments: super facial fruit acid peels, LEDs, poly-vitamin mesotherapy, Skinboosters/HA, botulinum toxin, lasers, etc. Finally, we would suggest suitable, personalized medi-cosmetics to enhance the effects of the procedures carried out.

What about the men of tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s man will probably an informed blend of all of these profiles, a subtle mixture of improved man and holistic treatments. The Generation Y of men will be the first one that is open to the world; they will be demanding, environmentally-aware, will know how to question the rules in order to better understand them, and will want to tip the accepted codes of masculinity upside down. Let us help and guide them towards an innovative aesthetic medicine approach that respects the natural look, towards “better aging” medicine that accompanies the patient throughout the aging process.

Dr. Mickaël Poiraud Aesthetic doctor Paris

Dr Mickaël Poiraud is an aesthetic and anti-aging doctor with an inter-university degree in mesotherapy (University of Paris VI), a degree in Anti-Aging and Morphological Medicine (University of Lyon 1) and Injection Techniques and Maxillo-facial Filling (Paris-Creteil University). He works in Paris and Geneva, where he specialises in treating male patients.
He is a member of several learned societies, including the AFME and the French Mesotherapy Society (SFM).

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